Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas

My beautiful wife, Christine, and I bird watch. As a matter of fact we volunteer for the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas census program which is taking a census all over Ohio of the bird species that live and raise their young here. We presently bird 4 sections for the program. As a public service, I will list the birds we see, hear or find traces of in or near our areas of study. Once I learn how to post pictures, I will even try to post pictures of the some of the most beautiful creatures God has made to adorn His creation. This past week, without getting out of the car, we saw:

~a Great Blue Heron rookery with about 10-12 nesting couples
~Bufflehead ducks
~Ring-necked ducks
~Canada geese
~Turkey Buzzards
~One nest building Osprey (aka Fish-Eagle)
~American coots
~Hooded Merganser ducks
~Mallard ducks
~American Goldfinches
~Black-capped chickadees
~a pair of Downy woodpeckers
~Red-winged blackbirds
~Blue jays

Birdwatching season starts April 1. We can't wait!

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