Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yesterday on the feast day of Saint Augustine, I agreed to do a written debate with Turretinfan on the following:

Topic: Augustine and the Eucharist


Resolved: Augustine of Hippo adhered to the belief that Christ was really objectively present in the Eucharist.


Affirmative: Paul Hoffer
Negative: TurretinFan

Details will be forthcoming.


Martin said...

Good Deal, looser has to tear his mask off in the ring. :)

Paul Hoffer said...

Hi Martin,

In fairness to Mr. Fan, he is Presbyterian and as such, he does acknowledge the Eucharist as a sacrament. Thus, there will be aspects in regards to the doctrine of the Real Presence that we do agree upon when it comes to the Eucharist. Hopefully, we will be able to spend some time discussing what we do agree upon as well the issues we do not. The aspect of the Eucharist that we will be debating, for example, is one that we do not agree upon. The reason I agreed to debate the topic is best stated by Pope Benedict XVI in an address he gave in 2005:

“The Eucharist, let us repeat, is the sacrament of unity. But unfortunately, Christians are divided precisely over the sacrament of unity. All the more reason, therefore, that supported by the Eucharist, we must feel simulated to tend with all our strength toward that full unity that Christ ardently desired.”

And no, this debate will not be a "lucha libre" match. I don't think folks will pay to see the "potbelly papalist" in the ring. (It's bad enough that folks have to see me in spandex when I bicycle.) Thus, the 'loser' will not be required to surrender his "mask" or anything else for that matter.

God bless!

Stacey said...

Do let us know when and where we can witness this. I'm curious as to what kind of argument Turretinfan can construct, especially after having read Augustine's tractates on John 6. Possibly something involving a misunderstanding of the word "figure" and that to "understand spiritually" means to "understand symbolically"? I'm sure he will be easily confuted by a comprehensive look at Augustine's works.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Hi Paul. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts and examinations of Augustine's view on the Eucharist. I hope you are doing well. Let us all know when the opening posts will go up!

Alex said...

Has a date been set yet? I'm looking foward to it.

Matt said...

This essay is really great.

Sorry to be a troll. I was just reading God Is Near Us and thought about this approaching debate. I will pray.